Cooper Update


We have the sweetest, most darling little puppy.

In only two weeks he has endeared himself to us in so many ways. What human wouldn’t be taken by that little mug?

To say nothing of that pretty girl holding him?

Cooper is tiny and, as far as I know, too small to be left to himself outside. Unfortunately, he loves to be outside.

Outside he finds so much to entertain himself.

He chases the chickens and nips at the cats. The cats are fooled into thinking he a toy to rub against until he gives one a sharp bite on the leg. Then retaliation is in order. Here he goads this poor kitty into a sparing match.

Cooper only sees cats as his private play toys.

The cat here lay down on her own, though it appears Cooper is tackling her. He even assumes the position of dominance. She is just wondering what the heck is trying to do.

He looks down right menacing there. You would be surprised how aggressive 4 lbs of mutt can get. Especially when feline is on the order. This cat just pats him as if to placate a puppy.

Looks like he may have done some serious damage there. That cat, our Bella, thinks Cooper is her another cat.

I love watching babies grow and mature. Cooper is the baby at our house now.

He is the shiny at our little piece of heaven and I so happy to share him with you all.


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  1. Oh, Cooper is just as cute as can be! What a sweetie. Bet he’s fun to cuddle with. My heart lifts just looking at your pics. I wish you much joy and many happy years together.


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