Happy Valentine’s Day


This particular day is really one we don’t celebrate at our house. I know. As a romance writer that is the most absurd thing to say. It is just that we are each others best friend, lover and soul mate and the idea of Valentine’s Day should prevail throughout our relationship every day. Each day should reflect how we feel about each other. He buys me beautiful things throughout the year. I feel special all the time.

He doesn’t like it when I buy things for him, though. I still manage to sneak a couple of items past him unawares any way.

Those tangible things we give each other are sweet, but I want to feel the palm of his hand against my hand, his fingers tangled in mine. I enjoy the brush of his lips over mine. I love having his arms surround me and crush me against his chest. It is solid and assuring and grounds me. Those things always make me feel loved.

When the physical stuff is over, there is food. My shortcoming is preparing food for those I love. I love to cook. Anyone following this blog would know that. The tastier the morsel, the happier I am. C-Man has a bone to pick with me, though, if I indulge in too many sweet recipes.

So I will leave it to this little blog today to let everyone know how dear they are to me.

To all of you …. I love you all and thank you for enriching my life.


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