The Last Winter


Today was the (hopefully) last bout of snow we will experience here in central Arkansas. It is without a doubt the most we’ve had at one time. At lease five inches are on the ground. Since my husband spent the day away, this serves as a small chronicle for him.

Snow started early after sun up. It didn’t take long for the horses to collect a thin layer of snow on their backs.

Thirty minutes later more snow accumulates…

…. and some more…..

And it just keeps coming down thicker ….

Then it just gets thicker and you can’t see a thing.

Then we have near white out conditions.

So, long into the day my daughter ventures into the snow mess.

Then she tried the other hill with the snow board.

Standing isn’t working well so she decides to lie down and give it a try.

Then we have this beautiful winter tree. Just love the way the snow sticks to it.

And then we have the aftermath around the farm…

My chickens didn’t leave the coop most of the day.

Then we have a foot print in the snow. Can you see the depth of it? It is about 5 inches deep.

This really was a wonderland in my little piece of heaven.


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