Cats… weather indicators.


This is just a quickie.

In light of the wonderful visual of grass now appearing all over our farm (the snow is melting) I thought I’d post some pics of my latest weather indicator….the cats.

This past Monday was a 5 cat huddle day.

My daughter felt sorry for the cats in the cold, so she laid out this old blanket for the poor dears. What follows is only logical…

This is a PILE of cats. And yes there are five in there. That yellow fellow on the top has a neck injury healing so don’t get freaked out. When I found all this the other morning, I couldn’t let is slip. This is taken through the window, hence a slight glare.

This is the morning before the pile. We have almost a 5 cat pile, but the temps haven’t dipped into the teens just yet.

Then we have “its cold out here but I will make due” day.

Everybody for themselves. They aren’t without their own resources.

Got to love those furballs.

What have your furry friends been doing in this cold snap?

Just a note from my little piece of heaven.


About Jeannene Walker

Jeannene is navigating the world with a whole new outlook. She spends a great deal of time between four children and her large immediate family. Everything provides plenty of foder for a rich backdrop of stories.

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  1. lol, I only have 2 and we let them sleep with us. Or rather they let us sleep with them. Don’t know how 2 cats can take up an entire kingsize bed.
    Our babies like cardboard boxes too. Great pics!


  2. Your fathers two spoiled babies, Mike and Mitzie, can be seen snuggling together on a heated bathroom floor on my Facebook page. Hope you are all warm, snuggled by the fire. Hugs to all.


  3. They are so cute! I loves my kitties. At one time, when we lived “out” I had twelve! Miss my babies, they’re all in heaven now but I have my daughter’s cat: who is mean! And I ‘stole’ the neighbor’s tom cat because, well, they don’t let him inside and they never come outside so … he just likes us best! 🙂
    The beautiful ball of fur in the box pic: is that a Maine Coon? She/he looks just like my precious Mama who died at the ripe old age of about 18 last October.


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