This week begins the real winter in the south, and boy is it a doozy. Arkansas usually weathers a couple of winter storms every season, but this year we are baptized with a snow storm of almost epic proportions, at least for this area. The irony is that the lower part of the state found itself buried deeper than the northern sections. Regardless, my kids are home and enjoying another holiday. And me, no job in the big city requiring my presence, I’m in hog heaven.

To celebrate the weather, my daughter took to the hill and gave it her best on the seldom used snow board. So you know that presents a perfect opportunity for me pull out my camera.

She is sort of getting the hang of her form…

Then there are the other interesting sights around our farm. Our resident Blue Herron stopped by to find his favorite feeding hole covered in ice.

The entire pond was covered over. He seems dejected and confused. I have never seen his feathers stick out in that manner before. I wonder if its a means to keep warm.

Then there is the morning after….

We are tucked snug as a bug into our house with a hot fire and plenty of food weathering out the cold in my little piece of heaven.

How are you weathering this bizarre weather this winter? Love to hear from you.


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  1. Oddly enough Jeannene, we aren’t getting hit this year so far. The last three years were overkill. This year-nada. We got what my niece called ‘dandruff’ yesterday for a short time here in central OK. We’re just sw of the city and dry abounds. Not even the rain we need so badly. But it got cold enough last night to freeze one hot water line. It has since thawed and we will leave it running tonight. Beautiful scenery you have. Stay warm and safe. Strange how ARK gets that and OK next door gets nothing. lol And did you see GA on the news? Off to email Rachel!


  2. Your Alabama kin are also enjoying a white winter. Huntsville got about 8″ Everything was so beautiful and white when we woke Monday a.m. The city shut-down. You probably saw that your sister Leslie built a snowman yesterday. Today it opened up a little but the kids will enjoy their third day out of school tomorrow. For not being equipped for snow the city has done a good job with graders, salt, etc. and the unelevated arteries are open for travel. Check out the pictures on facebook. We don’t see grass and the snow is heavy when you go to shovel. Sarah’s boyfriend saw this as a wonderful skiing opportunity and enjoyed a marvelous 5 mile downhill run. He forgot he had to cross-country ski to get to his starting point – no ski lifts running. He said it was the best workout since the Army. Give my love to those snow bunnies at your house and stay snuggled up by the fire.


  3. Jeannene your place looks beautiful. I so loved living out like that. It’s funny though, when we lived in Jackson, ga we were on about 8 acres with about twice that in woodland all around but I never ventured out: too many hunters; i was constantly afraid to walk in the woods or even in our yard since I heard gunshots all year round; don’t know what they were shooting at!
    But now that I’m in the suburbs of Savannah (for the first time in my life I’ve neighbors near enough to measure in feet 🙂 I’m out all the time. I walk around downtown, around our subdivision’s pond, the marsh, I’m outside way more now. I do miss my huge garden though, and I’d love to have chickens :(, don’t think the neighbors would appreciate the rooster though!


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