Pie Day


This quick post is in tribute of pies. This isn’t about ‘humble pie’ or ‘pie in your face’. It’s about the ‘eat as many as you can in a contest’ pie.

I only have time to make two kinds and they are without a doubt my favorites.

We have apple and pumpkin pie.

But first I wish to introduce you to ‘side dish’ of pies. My mother made these when we were kids and it has been a mainstay in pie baking ever since (a very long time mind you). Let me present you with…..

Sugared pie crusts! An excellent, albeit unnecessary snack before the pie is baked.

They begin as the remnants of pie crusts, cut from the excess of dough.

Put those discards in the oven and toast them to a golden brown. Once they are out, sprinkle with sugar.

The sugar makes them delectable.

Finally, pumpkin pie is out.

A taste test reveals it to be perfect in flavor and texture. Of three pies, one is almost gone.

Next on the menu is apple pie. It takes a pie-le of apple slices to create enough of a filling worth sinking a fork into.

Each slice is generously coated in sugar and cinnamon with a dash of nutmeg.

Cover it with another crust ….

…and bake.

And that is today’s little piece of heaven.

If you have a favorite pie, please let us know. Love to hear about it.



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