Progress….and theft.


I am so far behind my goal of blogging diligently that I am ashamed to even show my face here. But I love this place and if I hadn’t self-imposed myself into the Nanowrimo month I would be blogging as I should. As it stands, I am proudly at 24000 words, which is almost half the accomplishment. After today’s count I truly am at the half way mark. I have pushed myself into the sixth chapter of the book and have discovered several scenes requiring insertion at the beginning. I might be learning the art of plotting a story.

The weather is finally taking a turn for the cool side. We have wood and kerosene so winter can come at any time.

As any of you who stop by for a visit know, I am all about pictures. I love to tell stories. Here is our latest little tidbit.

We have a large puppy dog. He is a gem and good and watches over our farm, alerting us to any intruders. But sometimes he just doesn’t get any respect… by the cats that is.

He has his own feed bowl since he is kept in a pen. The cats are fed separately and generously.

Poor Flash just gets rolled over at times. He is here enjoying his meal. Note the foam on his jowls.

I realize everything around her is shades of black and grey, but can you see the bushy tail over the top edge of that barrel?

There are two little thieves in Flash’s food. They have no shame.

And of course, that big ole dog just stands there and allows those cats to walk all over him.

There they are. Shameless. Opportunistic. Entirely unrepentant.

All my kids keep me entertained.

And they never cease to transport me to my little piece of heaven.



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