In Honor of the Season


This is a small documentary of a jack-o-lantern in the making.

First in the order of things is the choosing of a perfect pumpkin.

Our daughter picked this beauty up a local market.

First task is to breach the pristine exterior and open that baby up.

Easy to see the need for the previous post’s attire. A small mass of stringy pumpkin guts and seeds can be a messy undertaking.

This is the artists rendering of the accompanying picture.

With deft hands, our artists cut the eyes to match their pattern as closely as possible.

The finished product is a rather scary face. I think they did an excellent job in duplicating their choice of goolish faces. Please disregard the crud in the back of the throat. Looks as if he’s been eating and didn’t swallow it all.

The other fellow was the practice head. He turned out really great too. I love the contrast in expressions of both lanterns.

Now for the true test of the jack-o-lantern – how it appears under the influence of night with a candle in its mouth. These pass the test.

Even more convincing is the cat in background.

The effects of the lens makes these two even more scary. They glow so rich and warm. I can’t say they are frightening in the least. They are so wonderfully cheery to me!

Our little piece of heaven glows on our table until Sunday night. It is heaven because it gives our daughter such pleasure to make these wonderful holiday creations.

Hope you all have great weekend too.



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