Now and Then


Please bear with me for one last post involving aircraft.

This one made me want to cry. I have an intensely patriotic heart (even the National Anthem at rodeo’s makes me cry…. I don’t want to go there.) When the air show introduced these aircraft the smaller plane did an awesome dog fight demonstration, none of which I captured on film. Except for this last past.

That tiny blurb at the bottom of the frame is a P-47 Thunderbolt. A close contact fighter used during WWII. The Airshow gave us an outstanding demonstration of this little fighter’s capability.

In recent wars this is the fighter of choice for close encounters.

The is the A-10 Thunderbolt. It was designed to accomplish the same support to ground troops as its predecessor.

It is capable of maneuverability at low speeds and low altitudes and for accurate weapons delivery.

After flights of each of these aircraft, they flew in tandem across the sky to some patriotic country song (eliciting patriotic tears from me as I watched).

It was so beautiful. The past linked with the present. The older brother escorting the younger brother as if to pass off his duties. The new brother is bigger and more capable, but they complement each other with such beauty and grace.

The past and the present. We learn from our history to move into the future with wisdom and understanding. This was a touching exhibit of military might and its evolution.

As a child of a military parent, I wax patriotic… frequently.

I realize our lives are plagued by war in this world. My father was one of those proud men who put his life on the line to protect our way of life in this country and I am grateful for the sacrifices made by all members of our military to assure our existence in this world.

Thank you men and women of all branches of the military and their families who wait and support them in their difficult tasks of keeping us all safe. God bless you all.

Thank you for sharing in my little piece of heaven.


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  1. Wow – some spectacular pics. I’ve always loved military history, particularly naval and air. The technology has always amazed me, as well as the brave men and women who operate it! Great post – thanks for sharing with us!


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