The Airshow


This weekend the Air Force base in our area held its annual open house, an event we await with baited anticipation. The weather was amazingly agreeable, almost too warm, but lending to clear azure skies.

Personally, I was raised around air show and the sound of jet airplanes. My father flew fighter jets as a pilot in the Air Force for twenty-three years. He loved to share his love for airplanes with us as kids. I have attended air shows with him as adult even. He never tired of reminiscing and relating stories of his adventures. In light of his recent passing, this air show held special significance for me.

The crowd here was huge.

A sea of cars greeted us almost a mile from the flight deck.

Once we walked the distance, the numbers of people were mind-boggling. Crowds huddled in the shadows of giant wings to escape the intense heat of the sun.

We managed to find a vehicle that captured our attention, though. We waited in line with the rest of the crowd.

This plane is a living legend. It is a Douglas C-47 Skytrain and was used during the second world war.

It isn’t a very large aircraft as you can see when the kids climb into it.

They are checking out the cock pit – the sacrosanct, secret place of every plane.

There isn’t much room in this baby. The owners of this girl, still fly her regularly to air shows and she can be rented for a flight.

There was a sign on the fuselage that invited all of us to touch the plane, it is a living piece of history. I couldn’t help but take them up on it.

So our daughter touched it.

The metal was so hot she almost burned herself!

Catboy was a bit more cautious in his attempt.

This is only a tiny piece of heaven and I felt like a piece of my dad was there as well.


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