As Basic as Grass


This may seem a silly post, so mundane and uninteresting, yet I feel compelled to write about it.

The end of the summer has produced yet another form of growth that fascinates me. I can’t help it. I am such a visual person (a truth that surprises me to this day) that I have to try to capture in the camera what the eye sees. Its as bad as trying to capture the movie in my head with words. Any way…

There are some ripening grasses this time of year that capture the evening sun in such a captivating fashion I just wanted to show them to you.

Growing in the pasture around our house is a lot of this type of grass or plant.

I realize at first glance this appears to be a bunch of weeds with little significance. But you have to look closer at the mundane. A treasure lies within.

These seed pods refract the light in a wonderful fashion.

Can you see the hum of golden light surrounding the fibers protruding from the seeds?

They appear to glow as the light scatters off the fibers.

Here is wider perspective.

We have to be able to recognize the significance of the simple, uncomplicated moments in our lives.

Grass is just one of those moments to me. It appears uninteresting until you view it a new light. Then the world of possibility opens and it shows you something enlightening, heart warming and much more than I bargained for.

I’d love to hear about one of those simply significant moments in your life. Come along and share your little piece of heaven with me.

This was the patch of heaven in the pasture at our house.


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