I Stopped to …. Breathe


Labor Day weekend is almost over. It was most wonderful. We balanced the ‘have to do’ with a lot of ‘just want to do’ and we are most refreshed and ready for the week.

I have spent a good part of today working on my website… the new website. I am treading into deep waters and I know it, but it has to be done. It is stressful trying to learn the language and jargon of the geeks (I like computer stuff!). To ease my over wrought nerves I remind myself with the following pictures, how simple and tranquil life can be and to revel in those marvelous moments.

Thus I marvel and I hope to transport you into that realm as well. Let us marvel together.

On my way to the clothes line, the wind blowing a warm caress over my skin, I discovered butterflies feasting on the seed pods of the grass in our yard.

All sorts of things live here in the country.

This beautiful monarch butterfly clung to this grass seed pod tenaciously as I fought to focus against the sway of the wind. He is glorious and he captured my attention fully.

To me this really is a piece of heaven.

This fellow hangs upside down to collect his meal. He is determined.

The time it took to take these shots sent me into the world of wonder. This is what I mean by my little piece of heaven.

I’d love to hear about your piece of heaven. Thank you for sharing mine.



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  1. Lovely pics! I’ve enjoyed our “piece of heaven” this week. The cooling weather has been a true joy. Our resident doe has blessed us with several sightings of her spotted twins but they’re too skittish for me to get any good shots with the camera. But they’re fun to watch, frolicing in the yard on their spindly little legs. Makes you smile and sigh.



  2. My little slice of heaven today occured when Mitzie, our female cat, curled up in my lap and went to sleep. She has had a rough time grieving for her Daddy. She went through pulling out chuncks of hair on her hind legs, skin break-out which seems to happen when she is stressed. She wouldn’t socialize for about two weeks and just brooded in a corner. She now curls up beside me when I lie down to nap or go to sleep at night. Both Mike and Mitzie have been getting up on the dining room table, which is strictly forbidden, and dare me to punish them. Seeing them begin to settle in to our new routine is my slice of heaven for today.


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