A Sign of the Night


This week I find myself in entirely new surroundings. I am doing the same thing, but in a different place. It only takes me twenty to thirty minutes to get to work. It’s like a vacation. Eventually I’ll be working three twelve hours shifts at night – then I’ll be home for four days.

In celebration of my new shift I’m posting a sign of the night.

Last month the moon appeared over the tree line of our farm in the east and I needed some practice taking shots in the dim light.

I’ll be up with the moon soon.

The irony is I will be driving home in the morning light and driving to work as the sun sets. Until the winter. But for most of the year I will see fewer night hours on the road than I saw in the past.

I feel a little brain-dead tonight. I have completed half of the editing in the current WIP. It’s like a mad rush to get it all together. At the same time this is coming together, the characters of the next two works are talking and showing me who they are. There isn’t enough time to work at it all. I just keep jotting down notes on the new people and make verbal notes on my recorder for the WIP.

I guess it’s a good thing the juices are flowing at least. Count the small things as blessings.

And that is today’s little piece of heaven.



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