Horses Anyone


Sunday was the day to work outside. What a day! It was hot! Not as hot as today, thank goodness, but it was still hot.

It was the designated day to rework the roof on the horse stall. We had plenty of help and we started early before the heat set in. Two of our neighbor boys came over to help. They were a huge help at that. Awesome help. Thank you Grey boys

To get it all started, the mama horse and Stormy were moved to larger adjoining pen. This incited much running and plumes of flying dust, not to mention a wonderful photo-op. These two horses have been isolated from the rest of the herd. There was quite a bit of sniffing and some nipping to establish dominance. I love to watch the interactions.

I haven’t posted pictures of Stormy in two months. She is filling out beautifully and this is the most congenial baby we’ve had in seven years.

She loves to run. An excellent trait, for that is what she is bred.

She has a beautiful confirmation to go with her personality. I wish you could meet this horse in person.

Great lines from a couple of beauties.

Here is my riding mare, Naomi. (I named her Naomi because Corvette Man thought Naomi was a mouthful of a name for a little girl so I had to find another name for our daughter. I found something else to give that name to after all.) Naomi hasn’t seen Simcha (the mama) in quite some time. She has to undergo a greeting ritual with the mare.

Watching all this was our older girls. I love, love, love to capture these two. The beautiful contrast of their coloring and the similar facial features makes them so photogenic. By the way, they are mother and daughter.

They have to breath on each other to learn their scents. During this little ceremony, horse squeals erupted and some nipping ensued. Naomi is dominant, but Simcha has her own set of demands, which put her at the top today.

Here they are again.

They stayed clear of Naomi and Simcha so they watch from a distance.

Lovely,don’t you think?

Of course the heat took a minor toll on the Simcha today. Without her shelter to hide from the sun, she got a little hot. We spent the mid-afternoon in the 107 degree heat to make sure she weathered it alright. All of us survived.

My little piece of heave for today.


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Jeannene is navigating the world with a whole new outlook. She spends a great deal of time between four children and her large immediate family. Everything provides plenty of foder for a rich backdrop of stories.

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  1. Jeannene – Ur life is so enviable to me – I have always loved horses – it was the activity my Daddy and I did from as early as three. I love how the horses have to breathe on one another to figure out each other’s scent. These creatures are majestic and moody and athletic and loving and unpredictable. Stormy seems so regal and sweet, not at all like her name! I am going to this very kool event here in Northern California this week-end called the Menlo-Atherton Circus, a strange name since it is set in the most opulent community in Northern Cal. Beautiful girls dressed in Jackie Kennedy horsewoman outfits prance around on their horses, winning awards and showing off their skills. I loved it last year and I am certain I will again this year. Thanks for sharing ur little piece of Heaven Jeannene…Mary Kennedy Eastham…you need to send me ur snail mail address to: marylovesdogs@sbcglobal,net (I raise Champion Golden Retrievers) I have a book I think you will love, especially my poem, Find the Men Who Killed the Horses that has won many contests…


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