Just Blowing…


Today I need to vent, blow off some steam, just get it off my chest. Whew!

My summer vacation began last night. I have embarked on eleven days of summer frolic. (Is that what it is?) We have cleaning and tidying and errands to do. Mowing and laundry, weeding and canning, scrubbing and … I forget. Mixed in there are a few days of steamy hours at the pool and a refreshing afternoon tucked into the cool, dark fantasy of the movie theater. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get at least seventy-five pages edited of that WIP (which I really am liking now that the character arcs are taking shape).

Today, though, heralded something more horrifying than all that. I spent forty-five white knuckled minutes in the passenger seat of our car while our sixteen year old drove us into town. We are on a dead line for driver’s test day. The driving test in our town occurs only on Monday and Tuesdays. This means we have only three more days to bone up driving skills until the final hour of reckoning. The fact our car has not been available for his use for the past two weeks has not boded well for the momma. Cramming is what we are all about at this point. If he can’t do it now, it won’t work next week.

It isn’t that he can’t drive or doesn’t drive well. It’s just that he is young and I have no, none, nada control over the car should anything look like it might happen. Of course, his death grip on the steering wheel was a bit unnerving those first fifteen minutes. I’m not sure that was due to my nagging or his first experience on this particular road. He did finally relax completely. That was after he pulled into a parking lot and exchanged seats with me. It was a moment of sheer joy for the mom.

I pray he passes the test. This gets harder with each child and he is the third in the line of four. God help me when the last one starts driving!

Here is a mug shot of the dastardly driver.

Hope see this on a driver’s license next week.

Thanks for the ear while I rant. Just love the use of words. It’s so cathartic.

I changed the look of my website and I think I like it! I have so much more planned for the future so don’t be too shocked at the alterations through the rest of the year.

Happy summer everyone and this is my little piece of heaven today.



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  1. We finally got my son his driver’s license a couple of months ago. Whew! Boy am I glad I get to sit at home now instead of ride around with him, lol! I thought it’d be hard to watch him drive off by himself, but it’s not that bad since he had 2 solid years of practice. We went from white-knuckling the steering wheel back at 16, to fussing at other drivers for not using a blinker now that he’s 17. Ach, my babies are all grown up… *sniff*


  2. Hi Jeannene,
    I just went through this with Josh. In Michigan a parent must be in the car with them. Naturally I sent Jeff! He passed, but I know exactly what you are going through. Your wrote exactly what I am thinking. Now I think I am going to hide a St. Christopher medal in the car! LOL. Take care.
    By the way I just ran across that picture of you at my house when that little guy was about 6 months old and Josh was a newborn. (After the reunion)


  3. This is so funny! I went through exactly the same thing with my son, Christopher. He passed, first try, but I was worried too. He is now 23, and I still hate to ride with him. Like you, I had to ride with him while he learned to drive. His father refused to participate in the experience. So, to this day, dad doesn’t get to complain about our son’s driving. LOL


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