Too Hot to Do Anything Else


We live in Arkansas. Our location isn’t as far south as Mississippi or Alabama, but we are far enough south to be in the vapid heat of summer. This is not to say that I complain about the heat. On the contrary! I love summer. I love taking my child to the pool (I have always been a swim bunny). I love the sun and the clouds and the green and the grass. I love the mowing and the garden, (Even those darned weeds that love my garden aren’t that bad when I get a handle on them.) and I love the heat that makes it all possible.

Summer brings us closer to nature – the deer visit ever night and some even come in for dinner. Summer gives our bodies the necessary Vitamin D to maintain our excellent health. It also brings us closer together. Not only the humans are closer together, but how about those cats of ours.

We have a passel of cats this summer and they make me laugh. They hang out on our front porch. It is well shaded and the afternoon breeze wafts across it liberally. We also have wrought iron furniture with holes in the seats that allows the exchange of air whilst one sits in it. Or in this case, while a cat lies on it.

The concrete of our porch is inviting to all the felines. All of them languish and sprawl in the heat.

I can’t get them all in their somnambulant state because they consider the camera a curiosity. I have attempted to show you what I see every day.

Have you noticed the pattern?

This is CJ and he needed to eye me with at least one eye.

This is Pebbles, one of our kittens. He has learned the art of the sprawl.

And Bella, the kitty who almost died.

The kitten on the left is one of our newest kittens. Even he has studiously partaken in the past time of his relatives.

Buttercup is asleep like the rest.

The triple play, our kittens.

Did you notice the glaze over their eyes, if they were open at all. And how about the full body sprawl – front paws thrust to the front and back legs stretched out behind those hips. The body has full contact with the concrete. Our cats spend most of the warm day in this position, all an attempt to maintain a cool body heat.

Hope this gives you as much enjoyment as it gave me to show you.

I dedicate this blog to my dad who loves cats more than I.

This is my piece of heaven greeting me at the end of the day. I could just scoop them up and rub ’em to pieces.


About Jeannene Walker

Jeannene is navigating the world with a whole new outlook. She spends a great deal of time between four children and her large immediate family. Everything provides plenty of foder for a rich backdrop of stories.

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  1. Awww!
    My cats are indoor critters but they’ve been doing the same thing all over the house. Only mine are all old and fat, so there are massive displays of plump white cat belly involved, just inviting you to swoop down and pet them.


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