Just Braggin’


Today is just a regular Sunday, except for me. I have spent the last three Sundays indoors at the day job, my weekend responsibility. Finally I have a weekend off. It was heaven waking up at 7am and preparing a breakfast at my leisure, drinking my tea while sitting down instead of as I dress for work. I can interact with those members of my family that might happen to be up that hour. Corvette Man is the only one up with me. The kids sleep in for the summer. I don’t wake them up, knowing first hand how wonderful it is to languish in bed. They will have a lifetime of getting up and doing ahead of them. I am spoiling them? Don’t answer that.

This Sunday, Corvette Man, the track coach of our children for the summer, had our kids doing sprints on the local school track. Of course this was relatively early in the day because the heat index began to climb well after 9am. I took my trusty camera and captured some treasured moments.

My kids will probably freak to know I am posting these pictures, but I am Momma and I will post!

Catboy is our first track dude. He loves to run and doesn’t do a bad job of it. He has pretty good form if you ask me. But of course, I’m Mom and I think they are great no matter what they do.

Please excuse the topless pixs. Dad needed the shirt as a visual aide. This kid spends his entire summer topless, though, so this is him ea natural.

I just like the way he fills the shot and I like watching him run… sorry.

And she will kill me when she finds out I have this in here. At least I didn’t post the other shot. She would have fainted. I just like way she looks and she is mine and like her stunning beauty and …. that is all.

She just finished her run here. The running shot looked a bit awkward.

Now the last brag of the week.

I have some beautiful tomatoes, if the rodents haven’t chewed on them and rendered them fly fodder. This tomato is the largest fruit ever pulled off a plant and I am darned proud of it. Unfortunately I did not place another object next to it to show its size relative to….

Here it is anyway.

If it helps any, it is sitting on 2inch squares. By the way, this was a delicious tomato.

About Jeannene Walker

Jeannene is navigating the world with a whole new outlook. She spends a great deal of time between four children and her large immediate family. Everything provides plenty of foder for a rich backdrop of stories.

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  1. Great pictures! You have every right to be a “proud Mama”. And don’t worry, we won’t tell, hehe. Kudos to Corvette Man for keeping the kids active over the summer. Your tomato looks delicious. Our tomato plants have lots of flowers but too early yet for fruit.


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