You Could Call It Laziness


I haven’t visited my own home here on the web for a couple of days. I’ve been working like a wild woman on edits, more like rewrites. Thank God for rewrites, because without them my WIP would stink. It is shaping up admirably.

I entered one contest this week. It means I have to carefully and meticulously read and correct those pages I submit. Lazy person that I am, this is a feat of stupendous proportions, but I did it and it looks good. I also finished a short story today. Yeah!! I didn’t realize how much I liked the thing until I started working it again (after a two-week respite). It will be entered in a local contest.

Now to my favorite part of blogging… the pictures. I love capturing the world in tiny glimpses to reveal the imbedded treasures within.

Today we have my favorite bird. I thought this bird was only found in the southwest, but Arkansas has quite a thriving population of them.

It is a road-runner.

I love their coloring and their substantial size.

They are majestic in a birdy sort of way. They are sturdy and easy to spot. Their coloring is earthy and in the neutral palette. Perhaps that’s why they have such an appeal.

He poses for us. As if he knows he is the object of my lens.

He is wary, yet doesn’t flee.

And he always puts forth his best face

It has taken me three hours to write these paltry few words because I have been entranced by the movie The Book of Eli. I can usually write and watch, but this film was absolutely enthralling.

This little guy, though is today’s piece of heaven.



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