A Day Trip


This holiday weekend was more a holiday for others than for me. I worked both days. Having Monday and Tuesday off lend a silver lining to the drudgery of work. Today we took a day trip to a well-known tourist spot only a short distance from our home. We visited Petit Jean Mountain. It offers a breathtaking view over the Arkansas River and its adjacent farmland. I’ll post pictures of this tomorrow, but today I just have to share our other family activity.

Since we own horses, you would think we all ride. On the contrary. I have a nice little saddle horse who is sadly neglected this summer, but I am the only one who rides her. Our son was traumatized by one of our horses when she was young who, in a rebellious fit, bucked him off. Our daughter just hasn’t had the interest.

Regardless, we found a little place offering trail rides. Today was a great day to be out and enjoy the weather and the woods. Our guide, Jennifer, placed our daughter on Pinto, our son on Flicka, C-Man on a hefty mare called Buttercup and I rode … I can’t remember her name, but she was white and very well-behaved.

This is Jennifer.

One of the ladies took a shot of all us. A rare thing since I am usually the one with the camera.

These two look pretty comfortable astride their mounts. I think they look great regardless.

Then again, I am their mother and of course I believe they are beautiful always.

I realize this is a sad excuse of a picture from someone who strives to take great photos, but I had to say something about this little dog. He ran in and out of our trail the hour we were out there. Every stable has its mutt and this is a sad shot of this little guy. He was full of energy this morning, this being the first jaunt of the day.

This was my view of our ride. Our son sat a top that little mare and clenched his fists around those reins while every muscle in his body contracted in expectant horse folly. It was only after forty minutes of saddle time that he finally began to relax.

She finally turned around so I could at least get a glimpse of her face.

You can’t imagine the amount of coaxing it took to get him to at least turn toward me. The kid feared another bucking bout.

I love this picture of C-Man. The sun filtering down on him and to see him on a horse again. He used to ride with me.

This is a beautiful view of the woods in which we rode. Drops of sunlight sprinkling the wood, its heat dispersed by the quiet shadows of leafy trees.

Just another view of our surroundings.

After an hour, this is how we all felt.

I like the background of this shot. Can you tell Cat Boy isn’t too pleased in this frame? He thinks picture-taking is bothersome.

This is my piece of heaven today.



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  1. Hi Jeannene,
    I’m part of the Roses’ group and this is my first time commenting, though I’ve been enjoying your blog and pictures for some time. You have a gorgeous family. The kids should be so proud of themselves for riding through their fear. I love horses and for me riding is a freeing experience. I rode from the ages of 8-12 and was throw and fell several times. It’s scary to get back on, but once you do it’s an amazing accomplishment. It’s also a great life lesson… if you get knocked down/fall/falter in life you have to get back up and try again. I hope the kids try riding again. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wonderful pictures! I’m looking forward to more!
    With Kind Regards,


  2. You have a beautiful family. From all the times you’ve relayed your love for them, I know they are as blessed to have you too as you are them. Thanks for sharing with us.


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