Keeping It Real


I have to write something I actually know some little thing about and the following things give me some sort of security in my ability to write. The truth is I have struggled for the past day to order all the events coalescing into the climax of my WIP. Yes, I was given the revelation of tying in an event from the middle of the book to the villain and using it to convict him or kill him – I haven’t decided which or how. He is more complex than my feeble brain can deal with at the moment. Actually, I want him to suffer miserably for a protracted period of time, but I am such a wuss. Coming up with something cruel and equally as clever is stretching me. I will be a better person when its over, but now…. We will enjoy the simple tangible forces of nature.

So I will talk about a couple of real life pictures that give me a sense of peace and resolve.

As I worked on my porch the other day I glanced out over the back pasture and noticed a new set of weeds had sprung up out of the prolific grass. They are my favorite color – purple and spoke to me.

Come look, Jeannene. Come see me.

I padded out there with my camera, feet clad in a flimsy set of flip-flops, a shame for a woman living on a snake infested farm, and snapped some nice shots.

Buzzing amongst the bud were a couple of bees, which I actually managed to capture on “film”.

Bees make me think about my neighbor down the road who keeps bees. These could very likely be some of his and hopefully they will make an abundance of honey this year.

Then yesterday, as I took my son driving (he is 16 and learning) we stumbled across some cone flowers.

They are simple, straight forward and not really very lovely, but they are uniquely themselves and I find them immensely interesting.

I was disappointed the color in the leaves was so washed out, but it is in its natural state.

The simple things in life can free you from worthless chatter between the ears and give you focus and purpose. I feel a great weight has been lifted.

Today’s slice, as most, seems to be found in creation.


About Jeannene Walker

Jeannene is navigating the world with a whole new outlook. She spends a great deal of time between four children and her large immediate family. Everything provides plenty of foder for a rich backdrop of stories.

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  1. Jeannene,

    I find your posts refreshing. Life is so complicated sometimes. It is so nice to slow down and read your posts and look at your beautiful pictures. I truly wish you wonderful blessings. Sincerely, I do.

    And, I know what it’s like to have a 16 year old boy who’s learning how to drive. Mine’s 23 now, but oh boy do I remember those driving lessons…He still teases me about my fear and tension while sitting in the passenger seat next to him. Of course, I think he’s exaggerating a little. Surely, I didn’t scream that loud.


  2. Jeannene,

    The cone flowers make me think of albino black eyed susans with petals turned upside down — like an umbrella turned inside out.

    It’s late, maybe I just need some sleep.



  3. many years ago an old neighbor lady tole me i had found a diamond in the rough in you. how right she was!

    you’ve lost the dull luster of an unpolished diamond and thru your writting and pictures shine brighter every day.

    for all you naysayers that say the perfect wife is a myth come walk in my shoes…….
    c man


  4. Your pictures give me a breath of fresh air when I’m stuck at the computer. I’m in awe when I think of you walking around barefoot among the snakes. I’m a wuss around bugs and snakes.


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