Strong Cowboys


I have one more set of pictures of the rodeo I’d like to share.
I love big strong, strapping, virile men (that’s why I married one) but this event exhibits that brawn to the fullest. This is what is called “Bull-Dogging”. For any of you who are unfamiliar with rodeo jargon, bull-dogging is when the cowboy chases a steer from the line from his horse. He slides out of the saddle and wraps his thick muscled arms around the steer’s neck while digging in his heels to break its run. At the same time he wrestles the steer’s head by turning it around at its neck and bringing the rest of its body to the ground. This is also referred to as “steer wrestling”.

It takes a lot of grit and muscle to bring a five hundred pound steer to the ground.

I managed to get a number of these in sequence so watch and enjoy.

Uh, oh. This one looks like it’ll get away from him.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done.

This is so hard to do. I know I never would have thought about wrestling a steer to the ground. This cowboy did a beautiful job. I had a great time taking these shots.

Today’s heavenly slice.


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