There Is Beauty….


I just thought I’d write about something few mention. This is likely NOT to be the only post on this subject. I am twisted, but I like to think I have an appreciation of all things small and insignificant, finding beauty in those little objects considered with disdain. The time of year is spring and all sorts of things grow, things we haven’t seen in a year. When you haven’t seen something for that long, they are wonderfully beautiful and enticing. I’m referring to blooms of course, but be wary of which blooms… be very wary.

This is such a pretty flower. Have you ever seen one?

Such delicate and dainty blooms. They decorate the green of their shrub and lend a sense of joy to everything in their wake.

Aren’t they lovely?

Then there are places where an entire field is covered with the tiny buds, a vast sea of yellow.

It looks stunning doesn’t it?

All that yellow smiling at you.

I must confess something. For those who own large amounts of land and graze animals, either large or small, this sight is terrifying. I had no idea what the implications were when I first moved to the country. I thought it was beautiful, which it is, but it is really isn’t. These little flowers indicate one thing to a farmer who wishes to graze cattle or horses on this patch of land… it is sadly already over grazed. The animals have eaten all the good stuff (grass) leaving what is left…

In a word these are nothing less than… weeds.

Yes they are the dregs of all plantdom, the undesirables, the cast offs. Turn aside and try to forget them, just walk away, please. For such a small, innocuous blossom to project its own bit of joy, they have a horrible stigma attached to them.

How could anyone accuse this perfect little bloom of reeking such mayhem in a pasture?

Sad but true.

Despite its true nature, it remains a little piece of heaven, regardless.



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  1. Weeds are simply plants where you don’t want them. It’s sad that the fields of them indicate overgrazing. Here in Germany, the people aren’t as worried about weeds as we Americans are. You see dandelions and other small weeds in everyone’s yards and all over the place. They don’t like using the chemicals it requires to beat them into submission. I have to admit, I’m gaining an appreciation for those pesky things.


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