Cute, cute, cute!!


As promised we have pictures of our newest arrivals. Forget they are already a month old, but at this point they are adorable and I could just eat them up.

I apologize for the terrible angle. I had no idea how difficult it is to capture good shots of tiny moving creatures that close to the ground.

Of course this is the mama and this gives us a good impression of their colors.

This little guy is a dark grey striped fellow.

Here is the black one.

This one is my favorite. She is pretty much a calico stripe. I find her unique and stands out on her own.

A small pile of fuzzy, furry felines. They are fat and well fed.

Now, we haven’t named them yet, so we are open to suggestions and they are all up for adoption if anyone is remotely interested. Keep in mind we train all our animals to be very human friendly.

I write this in the middle of tornado sirens as we watch the sky change in color and the clouds vary the direction in which they travel. Trying to keep it light.

This is my little piece of heaven today.



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  1. Your kittens are so cute. I would love to adopt one but we are to fart away. My Snuggles has been sick for about a year, and I believe this week we will have to put him down. It is so sad;. i HAVE HAD HIM FOR 14 YEARS. H e was my baby before babies. Tom said we could have another kitty(unbeleivable). We will wait till winter. Traveling this summer will not be good to leave a kitten.

    The Calico reminds me of your sunsets.The other 2 look almost like twins. Diddle dee and Diddle doo. Love ya


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