The Fight for Dominance


As any of you who follow this little blog already know, we have chickens. Our chickens roam the farm. They almost have the run of the farm, almost. The front porch is off limits and most of them recognize that reality. Some of them still need a stern reminder. Our chickens rove as a mass of hens and roosters throughout the entire farm – through the garden, inside the horses pens, sharing water out of the water buckets, mingling with the cats. They steer clear of the dog’s pen. The dog is dangerous.

Regretfully, there are more roosters in our small herd than hens. The hens, unfortunately, have been picked off surreptitiously by possums or coyotes. A sad reality to open range birds. The roosters compete against each other for the attention of the few hens. Not sure if they really need the hen’s attention, because roosters just force themselves on the poor defenseless hens. They do tell the other roosters in no uncertain words or actions, who should be the boss.

Dominance is purely for the sake of the roosters. The top dog, er…rooster gets the hens.

Can you see them posturing? These are two of our younger roosters.

Now they are getting more serious. I should let you know they are in my tomato garden. Granted the plants can hardly be seen, but still…

The dust is flying now! Notice the black hen on the left. I think she’s rooting for the guy on the left.

Now we have some serious posturing! I love this! Birds in the air!

The rooster on the right appears to be taking pointers.

We are airborne again. The guy on the right really has this thing sewn up. He is the boss.

Fascinating. After this little show everyone went about their own little chicken business as if nothing else had happened. I couldn’t get enough shots off to capture everything, but it was fun to watch the show.

Chickens. I am entertained by too many goofy things.

So much for this little piece of heaven.


About Jeannene Walker

Jeannene is navigating the world with a whole new outlook. She spends a great deal of time between four children and her large immediate family. Everything provides plenty of foder for a rich backdrop of stories.

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  1. i am surprised c man didn’t attempt to desuade you on this post. sounds like you may have latent cock fighting in your veins. have you ever tied blades to their spurs? I hope not for the sake of us chicken lovers and undercover law enforcement officers. i have it on good authority that c man does not condone this type of entertainment. he has told me with certainity that his only involvement with your chickens is eating their eggs and them.


  2. Very cool, Jeannene. I grew up in a farming community but lived in town so never had chickens. My aunt had chickens though and I got to feed them sometimes.

    It’s interesting that the predators made off with the hens. Total not a farm girl, but is there any particular reason why the hens get snatched? Do the roosters fight back?


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