Beautifully Simple and Simply Beautiful


Today it is my express pleasure to share something created by another one of my aunts. I should clarify my dad is one of eight children, five of which are sisters to him and all of them incredibly creative in their own right. Needless to say, I am exuberantly proud of the originality that emerges from family members and I am compelled to share their beautiful creations with the world.

My Aunt Mary is a painter. She has taught art in the past and may still teach some, but I know for a fact that she paints and draws – it is her love. She has always painted as long as I can remember. As a child I remember being introduced to works of hers hanging on walls of my aunts and uncles homes. She is awesome. Now a days she creates smaller pieces. I wish to feature note cards she has painted and reproduced as prints.

I love their simplicity and the colors and their content. I love they are made by Aunt Mary.

And though I haven’t seen her in years, I can see her face so clearly. I love Aunt Mary.

The colors of spring are all here.

I love flowers.

There are even a couple small animals.

I think they are stunning.

I didn’t post this as an advertisement. My only desire is to share genuine talent with the people I know. I love to show off the accomplishments of the people I love. When I asked her to share these with you, there wasn’t a moments hesitation. Thank you Aunt Mary for the go ahead. I loved every minute of photoshoping these to bring out the detail. I think they are beautiful.

Aunt Mary sells these cards and should you care to purchase them she be reached at this email address:

I love this little piece of heaven today.


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  1. I can personaly vouch for the beautiful note cards. When I send them to friends they always say “This card is too beautiful to throw away. I’m going to frame it.”

    I am so fortunate to have soooo many very talented “sisters and brothers who are full of so much love.” Having been raised as an only-child I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.


  2. I have several of her works of art hanging in my home. They are a pleasure to look at everday. I truely love her flowers . they bring spring and joy everyday.



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