Spring Blooms


We are now about four weeks into the throes of spring. Blooms of the Bradford pears are dispelled and the first blooms of the (what I call) popcorn trees are past leading to the fresh new buds of the red bud trees, wisteria and my most favorite… Dogwood.

With the blooming of the dogwoods rises the long standing disagreement between Corvette Man and myself as to which trees truly are dogwood. He is convinced the white blooming trees at the beginning of the season are dogwood. Diligently, I explain it will be another two weeks before the exquisite blooms will emerge and he stoically insists those poofy white blooms are indeed dogwood… until they actually bloom and then he realizes the error of his thoughts.

These blooms are distinct in form and beautiful in composition.

How can this be mistaken for any generic flower on a tree?

These trees also come in this dusty pink. I only wish I could have found one inside the wood, blooming against the new found spring green.

Note the red bud in the back ground.

And then there is the graceful sweep of the wisteria. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the entire length of this arbor. We were traveling too fast for me to shoot it in its entirety and the narrow country road on which it is found was too narrow to make a U turn.

I just love the scents and the colors of spring. Before we know it, honeysuckle will be blooming and that fragrance will fill the hot summer air.

I realize this is short and sweet, but I have been swept out of the house and into the sun to watch the horse or mow the yard, dig in the dirt of my garden or tend to the annuals I have strategically planted around the yard. My computer has lost its master to the elements of this wonderful season.

So goes today’s little piece of heaven.



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