Just Frolicking


The spring weather, the warmth and sunshine, has infused its brilliant joy into everything around our farm. The garden plants are growing, new buds emerging every day. The chickens awaken earlier, the cats sprawl across the cool concrete and laze in the welcoming sunshine and our little horse takes immense delight in open spaces and green grass.

It this unsolicited and innocent joy that cheers me the most. To watch this small creature revel in the day and relish in the movement of her own body thrills me to the core. I have never seen a colt take to running in the manner in which this one has. She digs her hooves into the turf and just goes until she just can’t go no more.

She is happy, happy to frolick in the world. Just look at that tail!

Stretch those little legs and go!

She leaps…

She runs…

…and she runs…

…until …

…she just can’t run no more.

Just a candid shot of our beautiful baby.

She even thinks I’m part of the mother team.

I just love this time of year. Thanks for sharing in my little piece of heaven.


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  1. She is the equine equivalent of a child seeing and experiencing the universe and all things in it for the very first time.

    Thanks for sharing.



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