A Find


We have chickens.

Hens and roosters. The roosters can be annoying. Their constant crowing will wear on you.

It is springtime and with it we have all sorts of new additions on our little farm. Our little horse is only the first new births here. One of our cats had her kittens, which she has effectively hidden because no amount of sleuthing on our part has been able to uncover their whereabouts. In the barn one of our banti hens is brooding over a pile of eggs. Hopefully a brood of chicks is forthcoming.

That brings me to our chickens in general. Our chickens are free range. We allow them to roam the entire farm. They forage where ever they find food. That means the cat and dog food bowls are free game, not to forget the horse’s bowls as well. Free range chickens and we have no permanent chicken coop in which they can roost, no laying boxes – as yet. This predicament means the hens lay eggs where ever they find a safe, comfortable place. One of the kids discovered this little cubby a few days ago. It was tucked between two bales of hay, a small place where the bales were not tightly fit. Sorry for the poor resolution. I shot this with the telephoto and there wasn’t quiiiite enough room to back up.

There were two dozen eggs in all.

Now if I could just find where she is laying them now. We live in a perpetual easter egg hunt.

Happy hunting in my little piece of heaven.



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  1. tie a light guage cord to the hen(s)leg that is laying. let about twenty feet drag behind her. later, find the cord and you will find the eggs. be warned: possums, koons,skunks and other varmits know this technique they may out sluth you and eat not only the eggs but the hen as well!


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