It is finally warm enough and dry enough to plant. Hallelujah! I spent most of my morning yesterday outside. The motivation for it came solely from writer’s block, I’m sorry to say. The work and sun did, however loosen the muse and I did finish the two assignments for my class. I have a feeling I will need the exertion today to move on to this last assignment; it’s a real ripper. Regardless, I shoveled out two tractor bucket loads of manure on the lot and tilled it into the soil.

This might not be enough ground for the plans in my head, but it is a start.

Tilled up it seems orderly and together.

The tomato patch is on the agenda for today. This my favorite place and it requires the greatest care and weeding. Last year our yield was zip, due to deer forages and rain inundations. This year will be hot and watering will be required I’m sure. None the less, I will have tomatoes and canning will ensue.

Believe it or not, I actually planted two rows of broccoli and cabbage after all this. I was too tired to take a shot of it and the sun was down before I remembered.

That wasn’t before I helped Corvette Man put up a few bales of hay.

We don’t seem to ever get it all done. Presently, the mounds of grass have burgeoned into bushes. I need to start up the tractor and get to work!

Thanks for letting me share my piece of heaven today.


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