Stormy Update


Today the weather was outstanding. Spring is in the air and triggering spring fever with a passion. It is overtaking us all, including the animals. Our new baby and her mama were taken out of the stall to stretch their legs, and boy did they stretch their legs. That mama ran the poor thing silly, requiring human intervention to keep the poor colt alive. All the adjacent horses behaved admirably.

Here is today’s update on the filly we now call Stormy. She is without a doubt the spitting image of the mare and she possesses more energy than I remember any foal having in the past.

We are imprinting this foal, as we do them all, but she is eager and willing to be near us and her mother shows an inordinate amount of trust. This little thing tries to climb on me when I sit in the stall. I hope to have her haltered by the end of the week.

Stormy approaches me unabashed after only a few days sitting with her. She knows me and trusts me. I love that feeling.

She even turns to the sound of the shutter. She is worse than the kids. Oh well.

My little piece for today.



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  1. I’ve never seen a foal look so much like it’s mother; they are both so beautiful.

    Since you’re sort of keeping a journal on her and her mom, you could turn it into a children’s book.



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