Cat boy has returned from his week long sojourn at Grandma and Grandpa’s. The cat’s missed him. I missed him. Corvette Man missed him. His sister missed him only a little. He had such a great time.

Grandma took him to the Huntsville Space Center….awesome!

He had his first experience on a military base. I was raised on military bases so the excitement with which he described his new experience was not entirely impressive, but I reminded myself a young boy infatuated with guns and implements of war would find this the most exciting opportunity of his life. He visited Redstone Arsenal. Here are some of the things he saw.

His most impressed with the post exchange, likened to a Walmart. He couldn’t believe the size of it. Of course, I have seen numerous BX’s and I am aware of their vast stores of tempting wares.

The most wonderful thing for me as his mother, was the time my son spent with my dad. Dad taught him how to use a number of tools on his workshop, instructing him how to build a cabinet. What a forever treasure to have time with your Grandpa to learn his passion. Of course, our son loves to build things and this was a dream come true for him. This is the small cabinet they made in a few short days. It has dove tailed edges and paneled doors, all of it hand made.

Dad has every wood working tool you can imagine. It makes for some stunning pieces of work.

Thank you Dad and Colet for taking BH for the whole week. I love you.



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