Mare Watch


Tonight will have to be brief. Our mama horse is exhibiting those tell-tale pre-labor signs for mama horses and sending us into realms of nervous excitement. This means I will once again be a grandma to a horse for the sixth time.

We have spent the past week preparing for the new foal. It is almost as exciting as having one of my own except that this is so much easier. No carrying a baby for the nine months. No unbearable fatigue. No incessant hunger. No unexplained bloating. No waking in the middle of the night for feedings. No resentment for being the mama cow with the only udders my kiddo will suckle. My only job is to love and dote and act as Grandma. What freedom, what joy. I do the snoopy dance – once the little thing is birthed and established as a perfectly healthy foal.

Oh… I will take pictures, loads and swarms of pictures. My horse pictures put my children pictures to shame. I am shameful, but teenagers recoil from the camera lens as quickly and lethally as any snake in our
weeds. So what else is a mama to snap pictures of besides the scenery, but the animals in my nest?

I hope by this time tomorrow to be able to post a couple new baby shots. They will be all I have to hold on to.

Love from the look out chair – my piece tonight,

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