I Marvel


I just had to post a couple pictures I took on a recent trip to Alabama. The road trip was uneventful except for the exceptional scenery, which was a very monotone winter grey and brown. Of course, that didn’t deter me from riding the entire trip with my camera in my lap snapping anything out of my ordinary. I had a blast and came back with tons of beautiful shots, many of which I will share eventually.

Tonight I want to post these next two pictures.

I have never captured birds before in my life and when I discovered what these were, I was enthralled. After the first encounter, the next hour and a half was consumed with the hunt for one of these.

This is a hawk! Corvette Man says they are chicken hawks.

I think they are beautiful and majestic and I couldn’t believe I was able to capture one on film. Granted the picture isn’t perfectly clear. We were traveling 70 miles and hour and I was shooting through the telephoto lens, which when tuned to the closest setting is extremely difficult to find a moving subject – or rather shoot a still subject from a moving car. At any rate, it is hard.

These birds perch on a high place where there is only open ground below to see their prey. My subjects were hunting as I took these.

That is my piece for today.



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