Our Weekly Date


I look forward to Saturday morning for more reasons than it is just Saturday.

1. I can sleep well past my 4 am alarm.
2. I can actually watch the sun rise, providing I am awake and the cloud cover is minimal.
3. Breakfast will be shared with family.
4. My kids (teenagers) remain tucked warmly into their beds, leaving me to quiet cup of tea with Corvette Man.
5. Last, but not least, the most important, most anticipated reason…

Saturday is my weekly date with Corvette Man (when I am not working that day).

Now that our children are somewhat self reliant, we can leave them at home Saturday morning while we can leave them on the farm and we take off for the next biggest town to buy feed. As the owners of several horses, weekly feed purchases are a necessity. It isn’t the fact we are performing an errand, it is the time we have to ourselves, uninterrupted by our wonderful kids. Our teenagers are all for Mom and Dad leaving them to their own devices, by the way. According to them we spend far too much time together, which is tough beans. We parents treasure our time together as a family. It will end far too soon as it is and we aren’t going to allow it to pass unattended.

Any way… Our date is always the feed store and then off to Starbucks for a cafe mocha and a sugar free carmel machiato in the company of Corvette Man. Our time away isn’t long by any means, but it is our time and we treasure it. We discuss events from our week and plans for the future week. Today we are consumed with the imminent birth of a new foal due any day now. I am just like the mother of a daughter ready to give birth – I don’t care that my daughter is a 1000 lb mare. It is all exciting.

Today I want to document our trip with pictures. It was fun seeing it through the eye of the camera. I ended up taking more shots than I dreamed, so here goes.

Our first stop for the day was to clean out the back of the truck. Corvette Man sent wood chip debris flying under the spray of water.

He actually likes to clean. After the water deluge, we took off down the road.

The day appeared fairly dismal, a recap of the long winter.

This is our feed store. Today’s business was fairly heavy.

The strong, muscled young men working there load a few hundred pounds of grain into the back of the truck.

Corvette Man allows the young buck to do all the work.

Once we were loaded, CM steers the truck toward its final destination – Starbucks.

Two blocks from this light is a stand alone Starbucks. If you have ever driven a one ton with dully wheels, you will know how difficult it is to maneuver the back end of the vehicle through the narrow parking lot and/or drive through. Our town, small as it is, is blessed with another Starbucks just south of this light! We are uniquely blessed. Inserted into one of the stores of this mall, tucked away in seclusion and hidden from the masses for the treasured few, is another Starbucks and I will reveal it to you.

Behind these doors. Nestled in the comfort of this national chain is our destination.

A Starbucks, and so far, it has survived the carnage of the recession.

CM peruses the menu.

This is the lovely Pat. She is ever cheerful and makes the most delightful sugar free carmel machiato and a rocking cafe mocha.

An all together amenable conclusion to our shared time.

My piece of heaven for today.


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