Last Chair?


I just learned a cherished little ditty.

Our thirteen year old daughter takes band in the 7th grade. She plays the clarinet. She plays fairly well, but she takes no joy in band and little comfort in her innate ability to play music. I should mention that her siblings and mother all have a natural affinity for music, so like it or not she is doomed. Her brothers play the guitar very well.

Any way, our daughter tells us the band teacher tests the students periodically for their standing amongst their peers. The test determines which clarinet chair they will play. KW purposely plays poorly in the hopes her standing will place her at the bottom of the heap and close to her dearest friend, with whom she will converse and make mischief, all against the instructors admonishment. Last semester she made last chair, an achievement for which she actually takes pride. Corvette Man and I do not admonish her lack of ambition. I am just pleased she is learning how to read music and understands the mechanics of the instrument. I’m so pleased she has the opportunity I never had. The sounds her instrument emits are really quite good and not at all disappointing.

This past week testing for the seat positions once again took place. KW did not put her best foot forward, as she informed us prior to the date in question. Notice her perfect sense of honesty and unabashed shamelessness. We have raised a child who practices honesty in all things. A treasure in itself. I am convinced she played it with as little emotion as she could conjure, only giving the music a thin perusal of her talent. Evidently, her talent is more impressive than the credit she gives it. The final results yielded her 7th chair out of 20! The band instructor also assigned her the dubious duty of teaching her fellow students the piece to be performed!

To say the least, I was dumbfounded, but equally as proud.

My KW has been foisted into the world of responsibility and there is no getting out of it now.
I love you, baby.

My beautiful piece of heaven.

Love, Jeannene

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  1. I voe this story. My Caitlin will do the same thing at times. I love to read your blog it is so refreshing. I am looking forward to your next. Love you sis


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