Hay Anyone?


We live in the country and we raise horses. Horses have to eat and their main staple is hay. A body can go crazy in select years to find enough hay to feed six 1000 lb animals. Fortunately the past summer has been a good one and hay grew abundantly. We reserved 300 bales from the hay farm close to our farm. They grow the most incredible burmuda grass which is cut into wonderful bales of hay. It smells clean and fresh and so full of country – even in the winter.

We trudged over with our empty flatbed trailer.

The farm from which we buy our hay stores it for us in this HUGE barn.

Rowdy is the man in the tractor. He deftly manipulates the bale grabber. It has ten hooks that hook into a bale each allowing the operator to load ten bales at a time.

…and I wasn’t thinking while I was taking shots and neglected to take a picture of the grabber empty.
Rowdy loads this stuff all the time and he does it with express fluidity and adeptness.

He layers ten bales at a time, placing them four rows high, twenty five bales a layer.

This is the view out of the back window of the truck.

Here is the whole load.

I love it when the barn is full of hay. It is a quiet, secure feeling. Everyone will eat well until the summer harvest.

Today’s piece goes to the horses!



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