Glasses and Imperfections


My kitchen is very basic. I have little room to collect an a sundry items, unfortunately. This past summer, after we destroyed all the glass drinking glasses in our house in one manner or another (not on purpose of course), I finally relented and bought more. I didn’t want to buy the market glasses found in Target – all uniform and boring in shape. Instead, I went on line and searched high and low for something with green in it. (My last glasses were green and, sadly, no longer available at the retailer from which they were purchased.) I finally settled on these glasses made from recycled glass and hand blown in Mexico.

They are each unique in its shape and construction.

Some of the glasses have imperfections – bubbles- in the material and the walls of each glass vary as well as the height.

I love imperfect. I adore different. I worship dissimilar, well almost. It puts the world in perspective to realize there are differences in each individual worth valuing. I think I am waxing philosophical. Forgive me.

These pieces of unusually diverse drinkware give me such pleasure to use. I could tell you where I found these, couldn’t I? These are available from crate and barrel.
Just love them.

My piece for today.

Love, Jeannene


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