This Will Take Off!!


I just wanted to touch base on a small plant growing on our farm. It was planted summer before last. When we were sold the plant, the nurseryman warned us to plant it someplace away from other things for it would take off.

This the culprit capable of growing awry. We placed it next to the property line adjacent to encrouching neighbors. This particular plant creates a handy privacy shield.

This is a private joke between Corvette Man and myself – better be careful because that will take off!
We see this silly plant every day as we enter the farm-it is planted near the gate.

Can you see the green plant amidst the winter brown? It is bamboo.

Here it is a little closer.

It dubiously flourishing – barely! It certainly does provide us with a modicum of humor on those days we need to find something to chuckle about.

Happy chuckles! My latest slice.

Love, Jeannene


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