I am so ashamed it has been since Saturday that I last wrote on this blog. Trust me, it isn’t for a lack of anything to say for I assure you, there are plenty of things to talk about. It seems I am at a loss for time. I have been working on the WIP in an attempt to make some headway through the last third of the story. With diligence it will happen.

I worked this week end at my regular job. That meant I arose a 3:50 in the morning while my family snoozed away and I prepared my lunch and dressed and was out of the house by 4:30. Of course I didn’t leave the farm without my escort by Corvette Man. Even on the week end my dear husband gets up with me. That wasn’t the best part of the story. On both days I was greeted with a prepared meal as I walked in the door. Saturday Corvette Man found asparagus in the grocery store and steamed it to perfection. (And here I think I was the one to rediscover the kitchen this past winter.) Sunday the dear man fried chicken breasts and prepared broccoli to perfection(I know I just used this word, but there is no other way to describe the stalks of cooked broccoli tender yet not over cooked – I can’t even get them this way.) There is no other way to show a woman she is appreciated than to prepare a meal for her and make her relax after the meal is consumed. I was made to feel like a queen.  Thank you Corvette Man and kids.

I was asked specifically not to post about this, but this is a small forum and I know he reads all my blogs and I just can’t help myself. Help me! Help me!

As a woman, the most important thing in my life is the sense of security and stability in my life. When the Lord designed us, he designed man to provide those items to his counterpart. For this woman, security comes in the form of warmth and comfort. That most closely translates to WOOD.

Our voluminous wood pile has diminished its girth in our efforts to remain warm and comfortable through this unusually cold and wintery winter.

This is the whole of our two ricks of wood.  That’s our momma cat on top there.
Armed with the knowledge of a week of cold weather and faced with the dwindling heat source, Corvette Man drove our big truck to work to fetch a load of wood. He did it knowing I would be home today and I would desperately need to stay warm.

He is wonderful and thoughtful and makes me feel like the luckiest women on the planet. I am warm and content and you know what that means….

Love as always,


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