One of My Favorite Things


I am only spending the briefest of moments here tonight. I am actually writing on my WIP (writer’s slang for work in progress), but I have some little ditty I wanted to mention so I will make myself write about it.

Most people who know me know I am a health fanatic. I don’t buy package foods and shop only on the outer edge of any grocery store, selecting fresh foods, meats and dairy and avoiding the additive laden garbage the food industry hopes to foist on an unsuspecting public. Enough of my soap box.

When I bake, which I do frequently. I prefer to use whole grains in my breads and cakes and cookies. Yes it IS possible to make a cake with a whole wheat flour! I discovered a wonderful brand of flour that provides all the benefits of nutrition while maintaining a light texture in the baked goods – it also tastes fantastic. This is it…

This a WHITE whole wheat. White wheat makes a lighter, finer weight flour than red wheat which will in turn give a fine texture to bread while providing all the nutrition of a whole grain.  There you have it. The best of both worlds. Now you do know white flour is over processed and not nutritionally sound. 
Enough of my soap box.
Kroger sells this brand. King Arthur also has a website and they will ship products to your door. (I should get credit for the free ads.) They sell all sorts of wonder grains and things.
Just wanted to share this little piece with you. I hope to share how I use it later.

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