At Home


This has been a weekend.

The weather today was cold and dreary keeping us all in doors, not to mention half the house had the sniffles and is hardly in the mood to migrate too far from warmth and food. After a quick run for groceries, me and the kids took a short walk, and I do mean short. No sooner were out in the stand of oaks out back when it started to rain. I was not discouraged, though. I had to get out in it, even in the winter drear to take pictures. We weren’t alone in our trek. The cats joined us.

Can you even differentiate the cats from the tree? They blend in well with their surroundings.

The snow it melting,but winter still persists. I just wanted to take pictures and have something else to write about.  I like the way this camera will do close ups. I took some great shoots of the kids. They really are beautiful.

This is just a scraggly branch. It is only a practice shot,but I like the results.

I have packed a ton of tasks into these past two days and feel satisfied at all the results.  Today I made soup and bread and ended the day with homemade pizza – and it was good. My kids gave it an A+. They really feel loved after the effort.

I forgot to take a shot after it was cooked. Trust me it was delicious.
That’s it for today’s piece.
Love, Jeannene

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