My Love


A few days ago Corvette Man turned to me and said, jokingly of course,

I need to get to the jewelry store.

I looked him square in the face. 

What for? I asked, knowing Corvette Man seldom bought jewelry for me.  I took care of that task myself.

Well, you know, for a diamond of course, he said.

I guffawed in his face. He didn’t take offense. He referred to a commercial he had just seen.

What do I need with a diamond? I asked.  I could think of ten different things I would rather have or need besides a shiny rock. (Kitchen stuff, horse stuff, kid stuff, play stuff – all kinds of stuff.)

Corvette Man laughed in return, knowing I wasn’t interested in such a bauble.

I returned a response, though. I could use a camera.

Corvette Man grinned  as he eyed me out of the corner of his eye.

We’ll go look this weekend.

Yesss.I said to myself.

Today my love took me looking (My intent was not to buy).  I did not intend to shop, but somehow we were sucked into the glamor of the whole thing.  I knew which camera I wanted and what I really felt would serve my purposes best and the salesman captured my attention so effectively we walked away with the camera I wanted and a better telephoto lens than expected (it was the one I really wanted). It is a Nikon D5000 – not the fanciest unit in the line, but for my limited abilities and needs, it will suffice beautifully.

The learning process is so fascinating and the possibilities are endless with this camera.  The picture quality is substantial and the need to photoshop the pictures is greatly reduced.

Thank you my love.  This really is a great week end. 

I love you.


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