Home Again


Finally!! I am back in our little house after being stranded in the big city after it was covered with four inches of that wet, white stuff ordinarily referred to as SNOW.

We aren’t supposed to get this much snow in Arkansas.

This is the road that runs by our house. 
I have never witnessed this much snow before  in all the time we have lived here.  We are in a wonderland.
Well Corvette Man drove me to work Monday and then I was stranded there in the weather. Obtaining a hotel room became necessary to provide comfort and warmth away from our own home.  Of course that meant the clothes on my back was all I had to wear and my face would appear at work the next morning in it raw and uncovered state – an occurrence I strive with avid veracity to prevent.  Needless to say, I survived the day, and none of my coworkers remarked on my state unmake-up.
The original plan was for me to remain in the city tonight, as the roads would likely be frozen over in the wee hours of the morning. When I discovered both my children are sick and the youngest is running a fever I freaked out a little.  No one is at home to cook and care for them! Now, they don’t starve, and Corvette Man takes good care of them,but… if they are sick they won’t have the energy to prepare nourishing, well healing food for themselves. That is my job. Mom’s don’t get sick.  They trudge onward through the onslaught of disease and fevers, through Kleenex’s and rumpled bed linens.  It is the mom who provides the pity and the solace required for healing. I had to be home. I pleaded with my sweet supervisor, who arranged for me to be off tomorrow.  I am in her debt, bless her.
Here is another beautiful view from the west side of our house.
We have six inches of snow at our farm.
I’m so happy to be home.  This is my slice for today.  I could write more,but I have to snuggle with Corvette Man and make up for lost time.
Love, Jeannene

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