Winter Wonderland


I am taking a small break from my real writing to write here.  I am beginning to feel my book is taking a  back seat to the blog. I have made slow progress with it, yet is does have seventeen chapters already – not all of which I’m sure will make the final cut, but when I think about writing that many words I still marvel at the ability.

This blog offers so much more stimulation for me that it is now almost addicting. First of all I especially enjoy taking pictures. The little camera I use offers little variety as far functionality, but it does take some really great shots, despite limited access to manual settings.  It allows me to record everything around me at least and I am learning how to take pictures.

The cold these past few days has presented a realm of beauty we seldom see in this part of the world. I have had fun trying out new things.

I like this shot because, after dozens of tries before this, I finally have achieved a depth of field. My camera doesn’t allow me to set the F stop manually so I have to tinker with the ISO and macro modes and see what turns out.  This is great!  Here’s another.
See how the foreground is in focus and the back is out of focus.  Effect is achieved.
I didn’t even doctor this in Photoshop. I know it is a banal object, but aren’t the crystals interesting?
This was sunrise at our farm this morning.  The fog had frozen to everything leaving this beautiful icey mist on the trees and foliage.  I found it fascinating and couldn’t resist.
This was today’s slices.  Thanks for letting me share.
Love, Jeannene

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