Bitrthday Dinner


Today was our third son’s sixteenth birthday.  I can’t believe he was born that many years ago.  It seems like yesterday. I was so young back then, and yet I don’t perceive myself as having aged one day since. Perception never seems to maintain the same pace as reality. Would that reality relied on perception – alas….Any way, back to the present.

My schedule today involved a full day at my paying job, the one I tolerate and from which I gladly accept a check every two weeks.  My time away allowed for little time to bake his birthday cake.  Not a crisis since he wanted to bake it himself.  I have raised self sufficient, self reliant people.  They know their way around the kitchen, thank God! Well, actually he enlisted his little sister to bake his cake today.  She does a bang up job with cakes and meals, even at 13.  Today’s cake wasn’t as pretty as most, but it tasted wonderful.

I have no clue as to the reason behind it’s distinctive lean, but it didn’t effect the flavor in the least.
This was my daughter’s first cake, made from scratch.  Notice the chocolate curls on top.  She is so imaginative and inventive. 
So we do not judge today’s masterpiece harshly.  We know what she is capable of.  The fact that her brother was the one to frost it may have played a roll in its state of lean, but we don’t hold that against him either.  
Regardless, we love to eat celebratory birthday food and revel in the birthday boy’s joy.  
Love to all,

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