Cats, cats and more cats


I write this for my dad, a consummate cat lover. He was surprised at the gaggle of cats around the feed bowl the other day.  Today I will post pictures of our cats.  Living in the country makes one extremely susceptible to those pesky little varmints called mice.  In our case we have an occasional field rat.  When I say rat, I mean RAT.  Cats are really good at taking care of those nasty pests. 

We brought a male and a female home about a year and a half ago to tackle our inside mouse problem.  Those felines solved the problem post haste and then they procreated and now we have these little gems.

This was in the beginning.  This one is CJ and is he ever tiny here.
Nothing but fur.
This in one whole cat.  He’s just very flexible.
Our mama cat                              ….and this is Garfield. He is a big beautiful tabby.
Wood pile sitting is always a popular past time.  This is Zoe and Fluffy.  We named her that because she really is FLUFFY.
Last but not least is TG and Buster.
There are still two not pictured, but this is enough cats.
Thank you all for bearing with me.
Love, Jeannene

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