Colors of Food


This is really frivolous, but I just have to include this.  The other day I was making a wonderful soup that required a lot of chopping.  I like to chop.  As my mother pointed out the other day, chopping is therapeutic. I mean hand chopping.  It puts you in contact with the food- direct contact.  The texture is revealed to your touch and the smell and, in the case of onions, that distinct sting to your eyes.  Chopping makes me feel the food.  I am all about feeling the food, especially as it is consumed.

This recipe required at least five different vegetables, all of which were chopped nicely before being dumped in the pot. After they were all ready to go, my daughter passed the chopping board and remarked at the beautiful colors  displayed.  I had the same thought and I had to snap a shot of it.

I didn’t plan the assortment, it just happened. Then there was this one.
I like the texture of the tomatoes.  Please don’t count me crazy, but I rediscovered the camera. In the drab of winter, besides the morning sky, very little color is available to snap pictures of.
I think I might be getting the hang of this.  Thanks for indulging me.
Happy Birthday Jeremy.  I remember the day you were born.
Love, Mom

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