The Feed Bowl – Who’ s Bowl is it Anyway?


We live in the country.  How I love it out here.  Surrounding our little farm is grass and trees and trees and grass. It is usually quiet (except during hunting season when hunters will fire their weapons against game on their own land). Part of the draw of the country is having animals.  We have some.  They provide wonderful entertainment. We recently added chickens to our animal repertoire. The chickens are free range birds, choosing to roost in various and sundry perches around the farm. We don’t feed these birds much either.  They are pretty much on their own.  When it’s really cold we’ll toss out some corn and grain for them, but for the most part they have to find their own eats.

With that in mind, I post the following shots.  Our chickens, since we don’t coddle them, have become extremely resourceful.They eat from every bucket they can find, even from the cat’s bowl.  The chickens spend a great deal of their day with the horses scarfing feed that has fallen from their lips.

 Can you make out the feathered ‘cats’ on the left?  Those cats will allow the chickens to eat with them. Can you believe it?  No shame!
Do you see the roosters waiting in the wings (a little punny)? 
The cats will allow the roosters to intimidate them away from the bowl.  Animals will always amaze me.  Those chickens are a hoot to watch. 
Thanks for sharing this slice with me.
Love, Jeannene

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