Structures with a Past


Saturday morning Corvette Man and I took our customary trip into town to buy feed.  This is a trek we have taken countless times over the years, the same route, the same farms and the same buildings on those farms.  This week end, however, I discovered a barn I have seen more times than I can count and yet I SAW it for the first time Saturday morning.  Arkansas has an abundance of such historically artful structures and this one is only a few miles from our farm.

Isn’t this the best looking barn?  It wouldn’t be so wonderfully aesthetic in the spring as all the foliage surrounding it would block it from view.
This afternoon we drove by another barn not but a few miles from our farm as well.
Arkansas is just chock full of historical paraphernalia. I love looking for these treasures and then taking pictures is a blast. 
Have a great week!
Love Jeannene

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