My Favorite Pot


I just wanted to give accolades for a special cooking pot I acquired a few years back.  Before we moved to the farm I had this sneaky feeling I would need to be able to cook outside.  I don’t mean just camp fire food.  If I have to eat outside I want to eat real food and lots of it. And not just any real food. I want bread and meats and vegetables and desserts – I want to be able to cook anything and everything. What I discovered was there truly was a way to do this.  It is the science of cooking in dutch ovens!I used this skill extensively when we built our house on the farm.  Believe it or not, we lived in a tent for several months and this was how the meals were prepared.  That is another story for another time.(Lots of fun!)

No sooner had I expressed my desire to cook in a dutch oven, then Corvette Man took me to the nearest outdoors store and we researched the market.  I needed a cast iron dutch oven and this place had oodles of them in all sizes and shapes.  I was in heaven.  We settled on two large 12 in pots with feet on them and one 12 in pot with no feet.

This is my favorite pot. God bless it.

This pot lends itself well to indoor cooking.  It will sit over a burner as easily as it will sit on an oven rack.  Anything I make in this pot tastes fantastic and I can make just about everything in it because just about everything will fit in it.

Notice the brand on the lid.  Research revealed a sturdy cast iron pot is to be used if one is cooking over hot coals and poorly manufactured iron pots with not stand the muster under continuous heat.  Lodge is the best brand and most preferred by all cast iron dutch oven cooks.

My research revealed that you can’t use just

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